Wednesday, June 29, 2016



On May 29, we had an incident that shook our world.  Since he was only three years old, Jeremy has suffered from seizures.  Although not as frequent as when he was a small boy, these episodes do still occur from time to time.  In recent months, we have been in the process of having Jeremy reevaluated by a new neurologist.  He was not able to return to his pediatric neurologist now that he is 18 years old.  So this process had just begun and then only days later, we received a phone call.

Jeremy had gone to a friend's house after church and was in the middle of the swimming pool when he felt a seizure coming on.  Although he tried to make his way out of the pool, the seizure came too quickly and he sank to the bottom of the pool.  Thankfully, his friend, Caleb, saw him at the bottom of the pool and dove in to get him out.  He was not breathing and no one knew exactly how much time he had spent under water.

 A family friend who was visiting knew CPR and was able to revive him.  In the mean time, someone called 911 and soon the house was inundated with first responders, police, paramedics...  As we arrived at the home, Jeremy was being taken by ambulance to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.  By God's grace, he was ok!  No damage at all, thank God!!!

We believe that God had his hand on Jeremy's life and we are so thankful that Jeremy's life was spared and that he is back to his normal self.  He did spend one night in ICU but that very next morning he was transferred to a regular room.  One hospital staff member commented that that was the shortest stay in ICU they had seen!

Please keep Jeremy in your prayers, not only for his continued safety, but that God would work out his healing whether by a divine touch or by medicine.  We know God uses both!  We have received many encouraging words and prayers and we are so grateful for each one.  Thank you!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Home in California

USA Family

Eddie's parents, Ed & Teresa
Arriving in Texas for the wedding
Although we miss our Argentine family, we are thankful to be with our family here in the USA.  One of the most difficult aspects of missionary living is the separation from loved ones that is inevitable when we say, . . . "Yes, I'll go."  So we have been enjoying sweet moments with both of our families.

Eddie's parents are doing well, although we cannot stop the biological clock that keeps ticking and taking away days, months, and years from, not only their lives, but ours as well.  Eddie's brother, Joe, is also doing well and we are thankful to him and to his wife, Teresa, for looking after Ed and Teresa when we are away.

(l-r) Joe, Carolina, Josh, Teresa
It was a special treat to be able to be at our nephew, Josh's marriage to his lovely bride, Carolina.
Diana's Mom & kids

Diana's mother, nearly 88 years old, is also doing well, thank the Lord!  Again we are so grateful for siblings who are here for our aging parents.  Thank you Beck and Chris, Ben and Julie! It was good to be all together on Mothers Day!

Felicia and Jeremy reunited
It has been especially nice to be near our daughter, Felicia, once again. She just completed her second year of college and her ministerial internship.  Yay!!!  Good Job, Felicia!!!

Jeremy, now 18 years old, is adjusting well back into the culture here and getting involved in his church youth group, helping both in music and in Junior High leadership.

A Quick and Special Trip Back

New Multi-Purpose Building
One of the special happenings since we returned to the states, was a trip that Eddie took back to Argentina, helping to coordinate and lead a construction team from Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, California.  It had been a long standing dream in our hearts to 
see a certain section of land on the Bible school property developed into a sports court.  The school has never had a specific area dedicated for recreational sports and physical exercise and we had the perfect spot chosen.

Destiny Christian Church Building Team
What started as a simple idea blossomed into something greater than we even envisioned.  We had thought of putting down a concrete slab that could be used for a basketball court or small soccer area, but the plans grew to what became a covered pavilion which we now see could be used, not only for sports, but for camp meetings, services, graduations, and all kinds of events.

We are now looking at the possibility of adding siding to the structure, eventually enclosing the building completely so that it can be this very useful and needed multipurpose facility.

Growth at IBP!

2016 Students during Spiritual Emphasis Week
In April, classes started up again with a record number of 74 students. We are both excited and challenged by this growth.  For the first time, there was not enough space on our campus to house a family of four.  This has led to our planning for the next crucial building at IBP - a married student complex with a child
care center.  So pray we will be able to raise the funds to begin work on this much needed building when we return to Argentina next year.  Also, if there are those out there who are interested in coming to help with construction, please let us know.

2016 1st Year Students
There are always projects, some large, some small, going on at IBP.  We know that what God is building in Patagonia is a team effort and that ours is only a small part of the big picture.  We thank God for all the lives who have had a part in this great work of God in Argentina.

On the Road Again

We are being blessed constantly by seeing so many friends at all of the churches to which we have travelled.  We are thankful for this opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones.

E, Daphne, Pstr Bloom, Diana, Pstr Young

Just yesterday we came across someone very special while visiting one of our churches, Diana's pastor when she was only 16 years old and the one who baptized her, Pastor Phil Young.  
What a special gift from the Father!  

It was at this church where we also got to make a new friend, Pastor Rick Bloom of Pacific Christian Center, Santa Maria.  Our good friend Daphne who hosted us for a couple days is also in the picture.