Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back to School! . . .

It is April 11 and classes are underway here at the Patagonian Bible Institute.
The Lord blessed us with an abundance of new students (29 in 1st year) for which we are praising the Lord! Our total student population is 61 this term. This may not sound like a whole lot to you but to us, it is a record number and the school is buzzing with life!

Our student dorm building which we began using a few years ago has a capacity for 96 people comfortably, and reaching that number now appears to be possible in the not too distant future. 
We would, however, like to complete it, before beginning another dorm building.  Wow, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves, but with God continuing to call His own to labor in the harvest, we must look ahead and be prepared.

Here is an update as to what is lacking in order to complete the dorm building: the 2 bedroom Resident Director's (Supervisor's) apartment next to the student lounge sits waiting to be finished (plumbing, electrical, heating, and flooring), and the outside of the building also is still lacking it's final brick work.  We thank The Lord that there is no debt owing on the entire construction project.  Rather, it continues to be built on a cash basis as funds are available. 

The other building which has been started is the new library.  As the student population has grown, so has our need for a bigger library - a place where students can study, do research, read, and get connected to the Internet.  We are thankful for all of the help we've received getting these projects to where they are today.

At this point I must interject the importance and the significant impact that teams have had on our Bible School.  If it were not for teams, this center for preparing Christian leaders would not be what it is today.  When we arrived, there were fifteen students living in a little farm house and using makeshift classrooms with no heating.  In the house's small kitchen, a wood burning stove was used to prepare the meals.  Now, 16 years and 50 teams later, the Bible School has an Academic Center which includes classrooms, offices, and a small library, a new Dining Room and Kitchen, a Water Tower, and the Dorm Building.  In the back of the property, old rooms were converted to married students and professor housing.    Thank you teams for responding to the the Master's call!

Yes, there still remains much to be done.  But one thing we have learned, is that we are not in this alone.  He has brought workers and givers together in a united spirit and mind.  Together we reach the lost, together we build His kingdom and together we train up laborers for the harvest.  If you have an inkling that God might be calling you, stop and listen.  He might be bringing you on the next team to the Patagonia! If you have been a part in the past, thank you, and we would welcome you back if The Lord so leads.

Until next time, blessings upon you and yours!

Eddie, Diana, Felicia, and Jeremy