Saturday, November 16, 2019



The second semester was only one week away when we returned from our ministry trip to Cuba. Nothing like jumping back in with both feet.  We processed new students, trained our students who would be working for scholarships, and prepared for the weekend, when we would welcome back the greater part of the student body.  Such a great crop of kids and such a privilege to be a part of their
lives. (Right) Pic of our hard working scholarship students...

Every year we look forward to the sermons that our third year students will preach thoughout the year.  It warms my heart and makes me glad to hear and learn about what the Lord has been teaching each one of them during their time as students at IBP.  They have matured and grown in many ways and now they are prepared to take the good news of the gospel to those around them.

This semester's Spiritual Emphasis week was exactly was the doctor ordered.  A Spiritual challenge straight to the heart as Pastor Carlos Rendon (right) brought the devotional and evening messages from which we all received and benefited.  During class hours, motivational speaker Ivan Devia (left) taught our students about influence and evangelism through social media and the web.  We live in days of ever changing technology and this was precisely the right teaching at the right time.

There was such excitement in the air following Spiritual Emphasis for the annual IBP Youth Day (right) which we call IBP Joven (in Spanish).  This year's event was very well attended with 250 youth from nearly two dozen churches from cities near and far who joined in for a full day of learning, socializing, and celebrating our God together.  Ivan Devia stayed on to speak to the young people about the wise use of our devices and social media.  Students also attended workshops throughout the day on leadership, choreography, graphic design & multimedia, and worship leading.

Following IBP Joven, we received a special visit from missionary Charles Stewart (left), the host of a long running radio show and podcast called "A Message to the Conscience".  He gave a workshop to our students about communicating the gospel effectively via media.  We are pleased that so much knowledge has been made available to our students.

The second half of the semester flew by quickly with activities every weekend.  On one in particular we honored two couples who have worked along side of us and ministered to our students and who will soon be moving on.

Goodbyes - As if the goodbyes that come naturally every year were not enough, this semester we say goodbye to missionaries    Ben & Belu Grams (left).  They have been our Campus Chaplains for the past three years and have now come to the end of their time with us.  They created a niche that became a place of counsel and spiritual guidance for our students that bloomed and turned into something beautiful.  We will miss them and their two beautiful boys, Toby and Zeke.

After six years of being on staff as administrative secretary and assistant to the director, Rocio and Jonhy (right) have felt God calling them to step down and to devote more of themselves and their time into their role as church planting pastors in the small community of Playa Union.  They have travelled the forty minute drive almost daily after work to attend to their church responsibilities.  May God open doors as they take this step of faith to dedicate more time to the people God has called them to.  Please pray for housing and jobs as they move to Playa Union.