Friday, March 28, 2014

All Things New! A New Semester, A New Start

In just 10 days, classes will begin at IBP.  With a record number of NEW students, the dividing wall between two small classrooms has come down and will become one NEW larger classroom.

This year we are soooo glad to have back IBP's directors, Martin and Charlotte Jacobson, for a NEW term in Argentina.  They have been greatly missed and with more activity due to the higher population of students, their presence is sorely needed!

This week, previous supervisor, Damian Sarano is helping to train NEW supervisors Carina Ayelef and Fernando Garcia.  Thank you Damian and welcome new sups!

Things are getting busier and busier and we thank God for this NEW day at the Patagonian Bible Institute!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's New in 2014?

Meet Stephen and Danielle!

In January we were blessed to have a visit from Stephen and Danielle Martinez, youth pastors at Harvest Church in Roseville, California.  These youth pastors are not just any youth pastors, they are our nephew and niece on Diana's side.  They both ministered to the youth at our local church here in Gaiman and had a blast just hanging out with the Gaiman youth.  Language did not hold them back in the least and they absolutely love missions!

Goodbye Felicia!

Also in January, we as a family, said a difficult goodbye to Felicia.  She has returned to the land of her birth (although she considers herself more Argentine) and is getting acclimated to her new life in the states.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers for a smooth time of transition!

2014 Dodge Journey
STL Update!

February brought with it our new Speed-the-Light vehicle.  Thank you NCN Youth!!!  It had been quite a term with one major car repair expense after another.  So we are super excited to have received this huge blessing from the faithful and hard working youth and youth pastors of the Northern California Nevada District of the Assemblies of God.  We look forward to using it in ministry throughout the vast Patagonia!  


Worship during one of the morning devotionals
The last weekend of February, IBP hosted its largest retreat ever, the UAD (Union of the AG) Region 4 Men's Camp.
A total of 163 men from churches throughout the Patagonia converged on the IBP campus for a time of fellowship, worship, and great preaching and teaching.  It truly blesses us to see this campus blessing others.

....And here we are again gearing up for another awesome year of service at the Patagonian Bible Institute.  This year we are seeing the enrollment skyrocket! From last year we are looking at a 40% increase in total enrollment.  This is exciting and also challenging as we are again finding ourselves short on beds and crowded in our first year classroom with 44 students who will feel like sardines unless we make some adjustments.  Plans are underway to remove a wall from two smaller classrooms in order to make one extra large classroom.    

Praise God for those who are responding to His call!!!