Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Getting Settled

This took a while!

With the spring (October/November) school term having been on the verge of beginning, there was little time to unpack our bags and relax.  We housesat from mid September to the end of October for the directors who had to travel unexpectedly.  Actually, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  We wanted to be close by during classes and the director’s house is right on campus, so we couldn’t be closer.  I enjoyed walking to the house on campus.  Everything is so green right now.

We had found a house to rent earlier than any other term, but that first month was a month of getting it painted and moving little by little…  Devoting most of our time to the work at IBP and then painting and working on our move as we were able.  

We also enjoyed visiting the church we led before we left.  It was so awesome to see first hand how it is growing and flourishing in the capable hands of a devoted IBP alum and his wife.  Eddie preached and we received such a warm welcome and lots of hugs and Argentine kisses.  

Getting to Know a Great Bunch of Students

Then they came.  First we received the student supervisors, the new students and a few others.  Then all weekend the rest of the student body began to arrive.  

We enjoyed welcoming each one back and spending a few moments getting acquainted with the students we had not met and reacquainted with others during registration.  This spring we noticed that there was much joy and anticipation in the air for what God was going to do here in each of their lives.