Saturday, February 24, 2018

Summer Months

December - ...

After last bimester, things slowed a little for the holidays.  Jeremy came to visit for Christmas and stayed until just after New Years.  He had been gone for two years and was glad to be back in Argentina, the place where he grew up, and reunited with friends once again. The time passed quickly and before we knew it we were saying goodbye.

IBP - Urgent Repairs

In 2017 high Patagonia winds had blown off some roof panels of our newest structure, our future multi-purpose building.  With the help of friends and churches, panels were purchased and the repairs were made.  

In addition, we have been making improvements and repairs all around the campus preparing for the beginning of a new school year.  Classes will commence on April 2 and there is much to be done.

Trees Falling

More recently, our very strong winds were also responsible for felling one of our Poplar trees.  During our breaks from classes, we rent out our facilities to camp groups.  There happened to be a group present at that very spot where the tree fell.  One member heard a cracking sound and rushed everyone inside.  Then... Boom!!!  It fell!  Breaking through the pergola and landing just outside the door they had just gone into. 

Thank God no one was hurt and that all entered in the nick of time.  The incident led to a close examination of the trees and it was discovered that many of the trees near the one that fell were not strong at the base and will need to come down for safety sake.

30 Years 

Before getting too wrapped up in all of the to do's, we were able to get away for a bit to celebrate our 30 year wedding anniversary.  God has been good and we thank him for his faithfulness to us through the years.

We have taken this missionary journey one step at a time as we have felt God leading us.  Looking back to when we first came to Argentina, we did not realize it was in his plans to have us here for over 21 years!!!

Temporary Childcare

We had to do something about a place for childcare while we wait for our new married student housing facility (that will include a childcare center) to become a reality.  That project is still in the designing/dreaming stage.  It is a very real need that we are praying and believing for.  So for now we're converting a portion of a storage building into a temporary childcare area.  Here we are working on this project.  

The flooring and decorating are next.  Stay tuned for more pics.