Monday, April 30, 2018

New FALL Bi-mester Underway

New Supervisors

Meet new general supervisors, newlyweds, Fabian and Ana.  What a joy to welcome this young couple to our staff.  Both are former IBP graduates and both have the most kind and humble personalties.  You would love them.  These two are over the four student supervisors.  Together this group helps keep everything running smoothly.  It is a task that keeps them all very busy during these intense days when classes are in session.

Supervision Team Six

The Sunday before classes began was Easter Sunday.  I was honored to share an Easter morning devotional with the student body.

April second was the first day of classes.  On April first, my mom had a heart attack.  She spent time at the hospital and then was sent home with a slew of meds.  In the next week and a half, she was hospitalized two more times, so, unsure of how much time my mom, who will turn 90 soon, actually had, I flew home to see her and to help with her care.

Although she still looks great, and is not in pain most of the time, her heart is now functioning at 20 percent, she is very weak, and her health is quite delicate.

I am glad that I am home during this difficult time when my mom's future is uncertain.  I am especially grateful to be able to spend this special Mother's Day with my mom and my family.

Eddie and More IBP News...

Eddie has been very busy at IBP.  Helping to oversee the functioning of an institution is no easy task.  In addition to the ongoing business at IBP, Eddie has had the privilege of taking groups of students on weekend ministry trips.  

Due to various reasons, Eddie is the one and only official driver of IBP's van, a 19 passenger vehicle.  Thankfully, he loves these road trips because they provide excellent opportunities for him to get to know our students more personally. 

Finished Project

The move to the new, albeit temporary, childcare room took place in mid April.  I believe the children and the childcare workers are pleased with their new, more spacious hang-out!