Friday, March 30, 2018



These intensive bimesters seem to come quickly and then fly by.  Here are some highlights of the activities in preparation for the 2018 Fall Semester (April and May).

In this picture are all the members of IBP’s staff.  This was taken at our annual staff planning retreat weekend.

  In the area between our library and academic center, cement was poured.  This is part one of what will be a nice walkway/patio area.

Below. . .

Eddie and I painted the new temporary
childcare facility.  

Heating and windows were installed in the back of the room and also in the front door.

And then the final touch. . .

The flooring was laid.

It will be so nice for the children to have this more spacious room!

Along the side of the kitchen, 
a cement driveway was poured for unloading the large order of groceries IBP purchases each week. 

Thanks Daniel and Pepe for all your hard
work getting our campus ready for another school year.  We are so very thankful that the Lord has provided us with these precious men of God who love helping in this work for His Kingdom!