Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fall Faithfulness

It's a beautiful fall here in Patagonia!  The picture on the left is the little dirt road that leads to our home.  God has always blessed us and led us to the just the right places to live in Argentina!  

The Students of IBP are off to a great start! Want to see what that "new" first year classroom looks like filled with our 41 faithful students?

As often as possible, ministry opportunities are provided, usually in conjunction with local churches, for students to participate in ministry in a practical way, reaching out and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ!  Here are the faithful ones - serving!

Holidays in Argentina, at least Easter and Christmas, are not usually celebrated in some of our churches as we were used to growing up. Why this is the case is a mystery to us, but in any case, we scheduled a special Easter morning devotional service at IBP which actually turned out very nice.

Our local pastor, Marcelo Martinez, spoke on the power of the resurrection.  Power, not only for our own future resurrection to eternal life, but power to live in victory today and everyday of our earthly lives. Amen?  Because just as Jesus "steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem" where his purpose for coming to earth was about to be realized, so we also must set our minds to move forward to what we know we are to do!

Jesus knew his purpose and priorities, and He lived by them.  Before returning to Argentina after being home on our last itineration, I (Diana) struggled with the difficult feelings of knowing I would be saying goodbye, yet again, to family and friends and to the culture where I spent more than half of my life.  But God spoke to my heart through a devotional one day.  One particular section stood out and helped me "set my face" once again to God's place for me in Argentina.  The devotional said, "You can't have it all.  You must understand your God-given purpose and keep it in front of you continually.  That way you will know what you must sacrifice, and what you must give yourself to."

As I remember the message that Pastor Marcelo preached on Easter morning, I wonder . . .  What is that still small voice whispering to you? Whatever it may be, in His power - the power of the resurrection - set your face with purpose and determination and go forward to fulfill your purpose in Him!

As we celebrate this season (your spring, our fall), may we all reflect on God's faithfulness.