Wednesday, June 29, 2016



On May 29, we had an incident that shook our world.  Since he was only three years old, Jeremy has suffered from seizures.  Although not as frequent as when he was a small boy, these episodes do still occur from time to time.  In recent months, we have been in the process of having Jeremy reevaluated by a new neurologist.  He was not able to return to his pediatric neurologist now that he is 18 years old.  So this process had just begun and then only days later, we received a phone call.

Jeremy had gone to a friend's house after church and was in the middle of the swimming pool when he felt a seizure coming on.  Although he tried to make his way out of the pool, the seizure came too quickly and he sank to the bottom of the pool.  Thankfully, his friend, Caleb, saw him at the bottom of the pool and dove in to get him out.  He was not breathing and no one knew exactly how much time he had spent under water.

 A family friend who was visiting knew CPR and was able to revive him.  In the mean time, someone called 911 and soon the house was inundated with first responders, police, paramedics...  As we arrived at the home, Jeremy was being taken by ambulance to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.  By God's grace, he was ok!  No damage at all, thank God!!!

We believe that God had his hand on Jeremy's life and we are so thankful that Jeremy's life was spared and that he is back to his normal self.  He did spend one night in ICU but that very next morning he was transferred to a regular room.  One hospital staff member commented that that was the shortest stay in ICU they had seen!

Please keep Jeremy in your prayers, not only for his continued safety, but that God would work out his healing whether by a divine touch or by medicine.  We know God uses both!  We have received many encouraging words and prayers and we are so grateful for each one.  Thank you!!!