Friday, September 14, 2018

Latest Update from Patagonia

Both Learning and Teaching

In August both of us attended the biennial South American Educator's Summit which was held this year in Cordoba, Argentina.  Each time it is hosted in a different country in South America. The Summit is a week long event which includes workshops, training, and special sessions with invited speakers.  Eddie was among the workshop teachers this year.  He did a great job explaining the cognitive learning process and dealing with deficit learning in the classroom.


The highlight of the month of August was our first Alumni Retreat for IBP graduates - the REX which stands for Retiro de EX Alumnos.  Of course there was a lot of preparation leading up to this event which included getting the campus ready, but more on that later.

IBP Alumni Worship Band
Because all of the alumni who returned to IBP for the REX studied under the leadership of Martin and Charlotte Jacobson, we felt it was an appropriate time to give them the opportunity to honor their soon to be retiring directors.  The retreat was a two day event with the second day being devoted to honoring the Jacobsons.  

Both Martin and Charlotte shared from their hearts during the morning devotional. Then, there were special words, hugs and a gift presented during the surprise dinner which included a beautiful cake & desserts.  We can't believe our friends are leaving us.  How we will miss them!