Thursday, May 31, 2018

Patagonia News - IBP and More

Update on Mom

It was difficult to say goodbye again to my mom but at least I was saying goodbye and I love you and hearing her say those words to me as well.  It was an honor to, along with my sister, tend to my mom by preparing meals, giving her her meds and taking her to her doctor appointments and such.

It was a balancing act for the doctors to get her meds just right...and they seemed to have done a good job as Mom is holding her own, albeit at a much slower pace than she was used to.  She turned 90 on July 27th and was well enough to celebrate with family and Mariachis on that special day.

Because our daughter, Felicia, is graduating soon and thanks to frequent flier miles, we have another trip home planned in the coming months.  We look forward (all of us this time) to seeing Mom and giving her a big hug.  Even Jeremy plans to return to California from Minnesota, where he is studying, for a brief break; so it will be a nice family reunion.

IBP - A Busy and Blessed Bimester 

IBP's bimester was filled with ministry, learning, and spiritual growth. Students were fed from God's word in their classes and during pre-scheduled workshops and meetings with carefully selected guest speakers.  It is always the most special sight to see students press in and draw closer to God in intimacy and love for him.  Today's blog highlights the student ministry trips.   


Students at IBP set out on four ministry trips this bimester in an effort to put into practice the skills for which they are studying at IBP.  This not only helps the students, but is a huge encouragement to the pastors and churches at which they minister, helping in whatever area the pastor needs.

The first trip was to Playa Union.  This young church plant was started by it's pastors, Jonhy and Rocio Sepulveda in 2015.  These two are precious servants of God who have a call and a passion for this small coastal community.  We know Jonhy and Rocio well as they are both IBP grads and current employees.  Pray for Jonhy and Rocio to be able to obtain a larger facility as they are growing and are desperately in need of more space.

The second ministry trip was to the city of Choele Choel.  This church is also being pastored by former IBP students, Mariano and Lucy Canosa.  After renting and moving around to different places in the city, they were able to purchase a property in 2015. Since then they have been very actively involved in building their own church facility.  Almost a year ago they began having services in their new sanctuary which had walls at that time but no roof.  Since April of this year, they've been able to have services under their new roof.

The third ministry trip of the bimester was to the city of General Acha, pastored by Mauro and Paula Nahuelquir.  This is the newest church plant by IBP grads. 

The last ministry trip was to our own nearby city of Trelew.  Although this church is not pastored by IBP grads, it is the church of a current student and our IBP bookkeeper, Jessica Maldonado, whom we are very thankful for.  Our students gave their best in ministry to the children of "Rios de Vida" church.