Tuesday, July 2, 2013

About Family, Friends, & IBP

Ellis' (left) & Nicholsons (right)
After our Spiritual Emphasis week at IBP we attended our biannual missionary fellowship meeting.  This was a special and unique meeting as it was our last with our Regional Directors, Dick and Cynthia Nicholson, who are retiring.  It was also our last with Dave and Carol Ellis as our Area Directors, as they have been elected to be the new Regional Directors for the Latin America and Caribbean region.

It was also our last fellowship with Felicia as she will be moving on and leaving the nest. Her plan is to enjoy some time here in Argentina without having to think about studying, and then go to the states in January to begin college.   Pray for her and for this transition time in her life, and for us too, as we will miss her terribly.

The recent term at IBP ended smoothly and with so many challenges and much to think about in planning for the next term.

We are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in the lives of our students and graduates.  Currently we have 47 alumni who are serving either as pastors, pastor's wives, or missionaries in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, and Africa (Chad). They are the good fruit for which we praise God!

This past weekend, we travelled 3 hours south to the little coastal town of Camarones (shrimp) where  we visited a young family who have been serving as pastors for the past 3 years.  Their congregation grew from about 15 to 80 during that time.  It was great to be able to see their work firsthand and to encourage them to press on and to persevere.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Drawing closer! (from May 2013)

29 1st year students
We are half-way through another term here at IBP.  It has been a blessing to teach the Christian Family class to the twenty-nine students in first year.  They are a special group indeed.  

During the first week of May we were honored to have as our guest speaker for spiritual emphasis, veteran, semi-retired missionary, Ralph Hiatt. Our students were challenged and encouraged to learn the voice of their Shepherd, Jesus, to die to self, and to live according to His will.  What an anointed time we all experienced being taught by this humble man of God and then being led to the feet of Jesus.  Thank you, Ralph, for coming and sharing at IBP!  And thank you, Jesus, for meeting us here and speaking to us.

Some of the wonderful people whom God has put together to help us run the Patagonian Bible Institute are pictured here. It has been a pleasure leading them as Interim Directors for this past year while the Jacobsons have been on stateside assignment.


Martin & Charlotte Jacobson -     Directors (AG Missionaries from KY)    

Sandra Rea y Paez - Academic Secretary

Marcelo Martinez - Assistant to the Director
Carina Martinez - Administrative Secretary
(Pastors of our Gaiman church)

Adriana Griffiths - Accounting
Emilce Montes - Cook
(recent IBP grads)

Damian & Emilce Sarano - Supervision
(Future pastors further south)

These are the faithful ones who are here during the busiest times of the year, helping to see that everyone is being taken care of and that all is running smoothly.  We thank God for always being faithful in bringing to IBP the helping hands needed at just the right times.