Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Was Here, But It's Gone

Like another sunset, this semester has already come to a close.  Seriously, they seem to go by faster each time. Yesterday and today we said goodbye to most of the student body.   It seems the students just arrived, and they are already on their way to their different cities.  Such is the way time transpires here at IBP.  Short and Sweet!  Intense in the academic area, but filled with special friendships, new challenges and spiritual highlights.  

Our greatest desire is that their time here has fueled their hunger for more of Jesus and that they have drawn closer to Him as a result of having come.
There have been some awesome chapel times and some great Sunday night services.  We've been blessed with messages from our professors, staff and third year students.  

It's been precious to see the openness in the students as they responded time and again at the altars.

These last two weeks Eddie and I taught our usual Marriage and Family class to our large first year group.  Such a privilege to pass on to them what we have learned from our past experiences.  It was encouraging to hear them participate in the class discussions.  The students also enjoyed hearing from each other's experiences, as we have singles, marrieds, marrieds with children, and even some widows.  God is calling all who will say

 "yes, here am I, Lord."

Now that IBP Directors, Martin and Charlotte Jacobson, have returned from their time of itineration in the states, the construction of the new IBP library has resumed.  Pepe, our main man on the job, has returned to IBP to help with this project.  He is a very skilled and capable "albañil".  His specialty

is in brickwork, which is basically, the primary mode of construction in Argentina.

Eddie's leg is just about back to 100% normal.  He does not wish this cellulitis on anybody.  It was painful, uncomfortable, and bothersome for way too long.  Thank you for praying! 

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